Going Garbage Pickup delayed January 6, 2022 on 75% of Town of Lincoln- Remaining Pickup to be attempted on Friday, January 7, 2022. Please have your containers out by 6am the morning of Friday, January 7, 2022.

Thursday, January 6 garbage & recycling was delayed due to bad weather and drifting. Multiple trucks were sent out in the late A.M., but unfortunately also had to be pulled off the roads in Lincoln Township as well. 25% of the Lincoln Route was completed and the remaining pickup will be attempted on Friday, January 7, 2022. (If you were one of our customers that did get picked up you can disregard this message). Going Garbage will be notifying any residents they have on their email list. If you are interested in receiving notifications from Going Garbage, please contact them at [email protected] / www.goinggarbage.com/lincoln-registration and include your phone numbers or email address or both. If you have other concerns please email them or call them at 920-854-2114. You may also monitor any changes on their Facebook page at : https://www.facebook.com/GoingGarbage.


Residents and non-residents may rent the Lincoln Town Hall and may contact the Town Clerk at 920.366.3640. Our rental agreement listed under SERVICES TAB is available to be printed and has all pertinent information.


Our garbage and recycling pickup provider, Going Garbage, wanted to bring to your attention a slight increase in your monthly rate per residence from $15.85 to $16.23, as outlined in their agreement with the Town of Lincoln and reflected on the latest invoice received by the township. This increase is 2.4%, which reflects the annual rate for the last two years. Last year there was no increase in the rate, which saved the Town residents 1.5% on curbside pickup services. Based on current trends, rising costs may have an impact on the price next year if the trend continues.

Garbage / Recycle Pick-up Week of July 5th, 2021

Since July 4th lands on a Sunday this year, Town of Lincoln garbage and recycling will be collected on the normal, scheduled route day. Please make sure to have your carts out by 6:00 AM with all items in the carts and the tops closed. If you have any questions regarding garbage and recycling collection, please contact Going Garbage at 920-854-2114.

For Sale: Three locks owned by Town of Lincoln

These locks were originally installed at new Town Hall on Maple Road in Lincoln, but replaced with panic bars shortly after taking ownership of building. Combination deadbolt is priced at $80. Deadbolts are priced at $20 each. Contact Clerk Mary Ann Salmon by email: [email protected] or by phone: 920.366.3640.

Election Results in Town of Lincoln April 6, 2021

169 ballots cast

State Superintendent:  Underly  98, Kerr 63

Court of Appeals Judge District 3: Cveykus  60, Gill  85

Town Chairman:  Jesse Jerabek 136 ,  Write-ins:  3 (scattering)

Town Supervisor #1:  Jordan Nowak  127, Write-ins:  13 (Cory Cochart  9  + scattering)

Town Supervisor #2:  Brent Eisenman  133, Write-ins:  10  (Cory Cochart  8  + scattering)

Town Clerk:  Mary Ann Salmon  153

Town Treasurer:  Tim Strnad 156

Town Assessor:   Joe Jerabek  154

Constable:  No registered candidate: Write-ins:  9 (Dick Bultman  3  + scattering) 

Algoma School District School Board Member – City (2 seats):  Emert  36, Qualman  44

Algoma School District School Board Member – Unincorporated (1 seat): Schmitz  59

Luxemburg – Casco School District School Board (2 seats):  Spude  80, Delain 66

FOR SALE: 3.2 ACRE PARCEL ON HAWK RD currently owned by the Town of Lincoln

BIDS FOR TOWN PROPERTY… The Town is currently accepting bids on one of two pieces of land it owns on Hawk Road. While there are two parcels, only one 3.2 acre piece will be sold. The minimum bid is $6,000, with the buyer responsible for applicable legal fees and closing costs. The Town will give preference to bidders residing in the Town of Lincoln. Bids must be submitted to either the Town Clerk or Town Chairman by March 1, 2021 at 7 PM. More information is available from any Town officer.