Ordinances & Resolutions

Ordinance 2024-1 Adopting Changes to the Building Permit Language

Ordinance 2023-4 An Ordinance Adopting Changes to the ToL ZO on Tile Lines in A-1 and A-2 Districts

Ordinance 2023-3 An Ordinance Adopting Changes to the ToL ZO on Animals in A-2 and Rs-1 Districts

Ordinance on Storage Buildings, Warehouses, and Workshops

Road & Right of Way Ordinance 2023-1

Resolution 2024-2 Fee Schedule

How do I rezone a parcel in ToL

Do I need a building permit

Do I Need a Conditional Use Permit

Do I need a Site Plan Review

ToL GW & SW Protection Report & Recommendations 2021-Rev1 (2)

Resolution 2021-1 Adopting Changes to the Zoning Ordinance

Resolution 2020-4 ATVs and Snowmobiles

Resolution 2019-7 BoS Standards of Operation and Town Meeting Protocol

Town of Lincoln 2017 Comprehensive Plan Chapters 1-6  https://lincolnkewauneewi.com/2017/11/04/final-town-of-lincoln-comprehensive-plan-chapters-1-6-available/

Resolution Supporting GLC's Acquisition of Multiple Parcels Totaling 420 Ac in the BAS

Ordinance 2020-3 Cemetery Ordinance

2019-7 Citation Ordinance-signed

2019-6 Telecomm Ordinance

Resolution 2020-1 Schedule of Citation Deposits and Notice to Cease and Desist

Ordinance Establishing Fire Protection Charges-signed

Chapter 10 T Lincoln Zoning Ordinance FP Cert DATCP Certified FINAL 2018

T Lincoln Zoning Map Certified FINAL

Hydrogeological Characterization of the Town of Lincoln, Kewaunee County, Wisconsinhttps://wgnhs.wisc.edu/pubs/000952/

Ordinance 2019-2 Adopting the Wi UDC

Resolution 2019-1 Short Term Rental Licensing

Outside Storage, Unsightly Premises, and Hazards Ordinance-signed 2018-12-3

Public Nuisance Ordinance-signed 2018-12-3 (1)

Ordinance 2020-2 Revised Sign Ordinance

ToL Ordinance Banning CPI with revised penalties

Town of Lincoln Interim Control Ordinance-Animals Suspected of Biting People and Dangerous Dogs-final

Town of Lincoln Livestock Facility Siting and Licensing Ordinance-final

Amendment to Town of Lincoln Livestock Siting and Licensing Ordinance Requiring Annual Reporting of Animal Units-final

Resolution 2019-2 Amending the Livestock Facility Siting and Licensing Ordinance

ATCP 51A Livestock License Application and Definitions-highlighted